Charleston Plantation Private Tour
Magnolia Plantation - $99 per person

Welcome to CRAFTED TOURS! Explore the oldest privately owned garden in America on a 4 hour private tour guided by one of our extraordinary history guides. You’ll be immersed in a plethora of beautiful and exotic flora. Our guide was taught by none other than the former owner himself, John Drayton Hastie, and they’ll take you through hidden wonders of butterfly exhibits, old cemeteries, and swamplands. Your tour will include the following:

  • Personal Expert Tour Guide
  • Romantic Gardens
  • Chauffeured Limo Service
  • Drayton Family Home Tour
  • Slave Cabins
  • Rice Fields
  • Ancient Indian Mound
  • Tram Ride
  • Wildlife
  • Kid-Friendly Petting Zoo
  • Nature Conservatory
  • Rare Camelia and Azalea Plants
  • Audubon Swamp Gardens
  • Majestic Spanish Moss Draped Live Oaks
  • Scenic River Walk

Allow us to chauffeur you through the 500+ acre property, so that you may experience the allure and genteel nature of a true southern plantation. Indulge in this romantic garden while you sit back and relax knowing you have the most well informed tour guides in the area.
*Dining is available at the Peacock Cafe.

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