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Bachelor Party Bus Stripper 1This is the end. So tonight, you will conquer this Holy City and rock out like there is no tomorrow! There is no turning back, and you may lose a limb. At the very least, you'll lose a little dignity... But that's exactly what should happen if you plan to have a successful bachelor party in Charleston!

Imagine having your own private club that travels with you to all of your spots, complete with pole and dancers. Exactly.

We can't save you from the hangover, but we CAN save you from a DUI. Increase your chance of a crazy fun time while lowering your chance for jail stay? Do we really need to tell you what to do?

Per Item Cost
Tiffany Bus
KK Bus
1 hr with 3 dancers
6 hour in the Party Bus with private host
Private Host
Unlimited Champagne in the Party Bus
VIP section at Republic Garden & Lounge on King St.
Bottle of Advil
Package Subtotal
Tax - 8.5%
Package Total Price
Promo Sale Price
Price per Person (18 and 25)

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